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CO2Sweep was started in 2008 by entrepreneur Reid LaFlair with the goal of helping southwestern Ontario businesses improve their facilities and equipment through the use of dry ice blast cleaning technology. 

Transitioning from an engineering and manufacturing background, while bringing experiences from all sorts of industries has given me an eye into how CO2Sweep can best assist others with their production/cleaning challenges.


Doing it right the first time is a goal that is achieved through, solid planning, keeping a close eye on the details, being safety minded, and investing in the best people, the right training and the right tools.


CO2Sweep is interested in your cleaning challenge. No matter if your goal is, reduced labour, a superior level of clean, a more friendly process for the operators, less hazardous material to dispose of, or less downtime. Let our ten plus years of experience help you solve your issue and achieve your goal.


Canadian Historical Aircraft Asscoiation

Reid, We are extremely happy with the job. I would recommend CO2Sweep for this type of paint removal process

Ground Effects Ltd.

“I had an automated machining cell in my plant that was in desperate need of a deep cleaning. The guys at CO2Sweep did an amazing job,  and now the machinery looks as good as the day we installed it.”

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