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Welding Cells

On occasions, dry ice blasting can totally blow your sock off with its capabilities. Weld cell cleaning is one of those applications where you might guess the contaminant is too hard for soft media like dry ice to knock off. Well that’s not the case. The effects of the extreme cold come into play here and shrink the buildup of hardened material and pop it off in chunks.


The automotive industry has a variety of cleaning dilemmas that need addressing. Whether its adhesives, dirt or plain old grease, these problems can be solved by dry ice blasting cleaning.

CO2Sweep, a leader in dry ice blasting services, can drastically reduce the time spent cleaning within your automotive plant and increase production uptime. In fact, dry ice blast cleaning often produces a return on investment in a matter of months by lowering scrap rates while increasing reliability. Not to mention tidiness of your facility and the positive effect on employee morale.


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