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Soot Removal

Removal of the smoke & soot is key to getting rid of the smell. A thorough cleaning means that the dependency on encapsulation can be drastically reduced. In addition, the process has no secondary waste stream. So, when you are done cleaning, there is no need to go back and clean up the added mess other blasting media left behind.

Brick Fire Restoration

CO2Sweep can provide a blasting solution, complete with negative air scrubbers and supplied air respirators to ensure everyone safety during the restoration project. Our process considers the needs of the restoration professional, the property owners, & the workers. It has developed into a system that often surpasses expectations. We have a variety of essential nozzles and accessories to ensure proper removal from the multitudes of angles a restoration professional typically encounters

Exterior Bricks

Restoring brick to its original state with dry ice blasting will save a tremendous amount of work and cost in the restoration process. 

Often the results are spectacular, however if the fire was too hot and intense then replacement may be the only solution. if you're not sure give us a call and we'd be happy to apply our more than 14 years of experience to give our professional opinion.

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