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Bio film removal

Dry ice is a Food Grade product and due to the sublimation of the dry ice pellets, there is no secondary mess to clean up. Bottling equipment such as fillers, cappers, labelers, cartoners & palletizers are all great application of dry ice cleaning. 

If you’ve tried cleaning a conveyor or some of the complicated packaging equipment you know there are lots of hard to reach areas that don’t generally get cleaned well. With dry ice even the threads of a bolt will shine again.

Food Processing & Packaging

Packaging equipment is generally complex in nature with many moving parts and many nooks and crannies for product to cling to. Dry ice blast cleaning has the advantage that shape does not matter to it. It cleans intricate shapes as easily as flat panels. Also there is no chance of any chemical residue remaining as the dry ice sublimes on impact and is gone

Grain Dryer 

From heavy duty to delicate dry ice blast cleaning is an excellent tool for the food processing industry.

Sensitive baby food packaging lines that need to be kept very clean and these big and bulky grain driers can all benefit from our cleaning services to remove bulk to bio films.

Canning cooker

Steam powered can cookers will eventually need maintenance and in order to remove the scale that’s built up over the years dry ice blasting is employed so as not to remove any more material than necessary therefore prolonging it life expectancy

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