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Truck Frame Rust

If you’re looking to prolong the life of your fleet and keep the MTO off your back you may want to fix up those rust spots under your trucks. Removing corrosion from a truck frame has generally been associated with sandblasting company. Although dry ice is known as soft media and used frequently for gentle cleanings (where the removal of paint is not desired) you shouldn’t discount it as a suitable media for prepping a truck (undercarriage) to be repainted. Using sand has its drawbacks, areas around chrome, or polished aluminium can’t be blasted for fear of damaging the finish. As well components near the cab can’t be blasted without first putting up a barrier to protect the cab sheet metal from damage. Dry ice doesn’t have these issues and can clean chrome, aluminium and even plastic panels without damage. By using high pressure and high pellet velocity getting the rust off a steel frame becomes possible. The Advantage of the extreme cold also plays a factor in blasting the rust scale off. 

Rust scale

Dry ice will take off scale build up and leave a clean surface for recoating. It's is also useful under the hood to clean up engines & components. Wiring, rubber and plastic hoses are generally unharmed by the dry ice. Seeing as dry ice is non-abrasive it will not bring up a white metal finish and some well-bonded paint may still linger but what’s left will be a solid surface ready to be repainted

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