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Sailboat Hulls

Harnessing the wind and getting the most speed out of it requires that your hull gets some yearly maintenance and prep for the coming season.

Dry ice blasting has the ability to remove layers of bottom paint in preparation for a fresh new coat.

No additional waste is generated as the dry ice disappears on impact. As a non-abrasive process, the gel coat is not worn down year after year as with sandblasting or power sanding.

If you're not in the mood to spend a lot of time getting dirty under your boat, give us a call

Power Boats

Keeping your hull smooth and clean will help with the fuel bills this summer. If you're looking to get back down to the original smooth gel coat to apply a new coating of anti-fouling paint, Dry ice blasting is one way of quickly achieving that without you having to don a mask and get yourself all covered with that nasty toxic paint.


Let CO2Sweep safely handle that chore for you.

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