Steel Door

When removing paint, whether its graffiti or old tired paint, dry ice will keep your waste and clean up to a minimum.
Dry ice is a non-abrasive media and doesn't necessarily remove all coatings efficiently, however, if the bond strength between the paint and the substrate is on the low side the removal rates are often quite beneficial. Dry ice likes to lift materials off the surface by super-chilling the coating weakening the bond, and then getting behind and exploding chunks of material off the substrate. This larger particle size results in less dust than standard abrasive blasting. Also dry ice will not alter or profile metal substrates.

Exterior Coatings

When repainting, exterior failing coatings can often be difficult to deal when trying to be considerate of the environment.

Water blasting, power sanding or sandblasting all have issues associated with them that complicate the removal & clean up process.
Call us to see if dry ice will eliminate some or all of your concerns.

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