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Blowers, Air handlers, Exhaust systems

The cleaning applications for dry ice blasting are endless. There are hundreds of items around your facility that are good candidates for thorough cleaning by dry ice. CO2Sweep's Cold Jet blast cleaning systems can clean large ductwork, air movers, blowers, exhaust systems, walls & ceilings, overhead cranes, around electrical transformers, and electrical panels.


Dirt, grease, grime and oil build up in production facilities causes machinery to function improperly and can create an unsafe working environment. However, manual cleaning is often delayed due to the complexity of the task. Dry ice simplifies the task.

Paint Booths

Overspray from the painting process can build up over time on the paint booth exhaust system. Dry ice blasting does a good job at removing that buildup and restoring balance to the turbine blades or blowers. Annual cleaning can reduce the contaminants that cause production scrap or rework.


Dry ice blasting, a non-conductive process, which uses no water can restore both rotating and stationary electrical equipment to peak performance with dramatically shorter outages.

High operating temperatures rob power, increase amperage, and are fequently the death of electric motors. Keeping them clean and their cooling fans unobstructed prevent overheating and reduce operating costs so much so that the ROI on cleaning can be realized in a short period of time.

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