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Wood Mould

Mould loves wood as a food source and if there is enough moisture to keep it growing it will flourish if left alone. Dry ice blast cleaning removes mold spores from wood by effectively sanding the wood. It does so faster than traditional cleaning methods and provides removal even in the tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring, and plumbing without damage.


Chemical disinfectants and mold stain removers are often employed to kill mould, however, the step of removal is omitted and the dead spores are left behind (dead mold is still an unwanted allergen). Dry ice cleaning is a process that thoroughly removes the mould spores from wood and can be HEPA vacuumed up and removed from the building. They aren’t just chemically killed and left there as an ongoing toxin.

CO2Sweep’s dry ice cleaning technology is one reassuring way to total removal of the mould from the structure.

Brick Mould

Mold grows on organic surfaces. Sometimes inorganic material supports the growth of mold via organic materials that get deposited on them. This is the case with some brick where there is enough organic material to sustain life.

CO2Sweep can also provide peace of mind with lasting protection against the return of mold thru anti-microbial treatments applicable to just about any type of surface including fabrics.

Antimicrobial Treatment

If you looking for the most possible protection from returning mold and want a Health Canada approved product, we offer an antimicrobial treatment that protects a surface (and those that come in contact with it) against the growth of mold, fungi bacteria, and viruses.


Call us about your situation as we would be happy to advise on how we might be of help.

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