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Dry ice blasting is a fabulous tool to aid in the maintenance of aircraft without the complications typically associated with traditional cleaning methods. The cleaning of aircraft structural components, & engines allows for a thorough inspection often without having to remove or dismantle the components. Engines, landing gear, fuselage structure, tow hitches and other components are cleaned rapidly without disassembly. Grease, oils, adhesives or residues can be removed. Note: De-painting the exterior skin of a fuselage is not a well-suited task for dry ice blasting, the aluminium can be dented by the impact of pellets on the thin aluminium skin.


Lancaster Bomber

Windsor is the home of one of the few remaining WW2 warbirds and is undergoing a major restoration. We have been fortunate to help the guys at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association by blast cleaning some of the insides of the bomb bay to remove the old paint. We also did some work on the Merlin engine as a demonstration of the capabilities of DIB to a consortium of historic aircraft restorers from across Canada.

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