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Industrial Painting Prep

A good painter knows the importance of clean well prepared surface in order to achieve a quality finish. Dry ice blasting has the ability to achieve that by removing the dust and dirt off the building structure without making the huge mess that traditional methods bring with them. When you look up to the ceiling and see the tops of pipes and beams are blacken with dirt you can just imagine what lies on all of those horizontal surfaces. Some people believe its ok to paint over that dirt, however we at CO2Sweep feel there is a better approach.

Lead Based Paint Removal

Restoration contractors rely on our services for lead based paint abatement. 

CO2Sweep can provide a blasting solution, complete with negative air scrubbers and supplied air respirators to ensure everyone's safety during the project. Our process considers the needs of the restoration professional, the property owners, and the workers.

Interior Bricks

Interior brick is a difficult surface to clean unless you have a dry ice blaster available. The dry ice can get into the nooks and crannies better than any other manual method and best of all it make very little mess depending on whats being removed.


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