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Exterior Bricks

Exterior bricks can be subject to various kinds of damage and restoring the masonry to its former glory requires an expert approach. Whether it's soot from a large fire, vandalism, mould, or stubborn dirt, dry ice blasting can remove the build-up without removing the face of the brick itself. 


Depending on the condition and age of your bricks, we will select the tools and blasting method. Ensuring you get the best possible outcome. Dry ice to minimize damage to the brick itself and abrasive vapour blasting for a more aggressive cleaning approach where needed.


With exterior bricks, it's important to get it right so your building can look stunning and stand the test of time.


When the requirements are to remove all the loose or failing lead-based paint it's important to have a method that doesn't make a bigger mess of the hazardous material that's being removed. Dry ice keeps the disposal efforts to a minimum.

Lead Paint Abatement

Lead Paint Abatement

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Interior Bricks

Interior brick is a difficult surface to clean unless you have a dry ice blaster available. The dry ice can get into the nooks and crannies better than any other manual method and best of all it make very little mess depending on whats being removed.

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