Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly process that began its development in the '70s. The technology uses rice grain sized dry ice (CO2) pellets propelled with compressed air at speed up to 600 miles/hr. What's different about dry ice is, that when the ice pellet hits the surface to be cleaned it instantly sublimes (converts directly from a solid to a gas) and causes a mini explosion. The pressure wave, combined with the extreme cold of -79C (-109F) dislodges the contaminants without damaging the substrate.


Dry Ice Blasting is a tool that has many applications and uses. The partial list of industries below shows where the use of dry ice has real benefits to the users and the company. The applications where you might want to consider using dry Ice blasting are those with a restriction on using water, where there are electrical components, or when keeping the secondary clean-up to a minimum is important, such as in toxic & hazardous material cleaning and lead paint removal.

Mould remediation with dry ice

Mould remediation with dry ice

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